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Helping our Armed Forces & Emergency Service community to 

Recuperate, Recalibrate and Re-engage 

The Woodland Warrior Programme

The Woodland Warrior Programme provides therapeutic activities for armed forces personnel, veterans and members of the emergency services. 

It provides participants with the opportunity to: Recuperate , Recalibrate and Re-engage. 

Set within a woodland environment, activities are centred around bushcraft

and the natural world.  

Designed to be therapeutic, adaptive and inclusive for all who attend, its aim is to help participants relax, learn new skills, build self reliance and esteem, strengthen social bonding and move forward into the next stage of their lives. 

Examples of activities include foraging, tracking, making fire and shelters, archery, wild cooking, natural history, woodland management, woodcrafts and wilderness living skills. All food and refreshments are included throughout the course. 


 We provide free one day workshops  for Emergency Service and Armed Forces Communities  as well as Key workers


Immerse yourself in nature.  Our two day residential programme is free for Emergency Service and Armed Forces Communities. 

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